So I ended up working over the weekend, and I’ll be in all day today too. This means that though I’ve taken the photos for my shiny gift bag tutorial, they’re not going to be anywhere near the computer until tomorrow morning at the earliest.

I was starting to get stressed out about just how much I still need to do before Christmas, before Scotland, before work, and was beginning to wonder just how I’d fit everything in, working 12½ hour days (and sometimes nights). Then I discovered the perfect therapy. Take one bath, follow with a cup of hot full-fat milk and finish with a year’s worth of Calvin and Hobbes comics. Perfect. For the first time in weeks, I actually feel almost ready to face the day.

Naturally, now it’s going to be the worst day ever and I’m going to end up unconscious or something by noon… Sods law, and all that.

Anyways, because I don’t have time to update my own ‘blog, I thought I would point you in the direction of some others which I think are really worth reading.

  • I know I rave about Cakes by Misti pretty constantly, but she’s been doing an awesome cupcake tour of London over the past few days and has written all about her findings. Start with ‘Cake tour of London: Part One’ and go from there…
  • Another one of my friends has just started a ‘blog – one that I’m finding really comforting to read. I suggest that if anyone else knows the author, they start tuning in too. For those of us without Facebook, it’s an especially lovely way to keep in touch with various goings on.
  • I mentioned the author Roy Pond not too long ago and in case anyone is interested, here is a link to his ‘blog about ancient Egypt.
  • Finally, this is a really lovely crafty site. The quality of the writing, photography, work etc. is all wonderfully high so this is an absolute joy to read through.

I’ve put all of these new links on my ‘links’ page, and there are plenty of other great ‘blogs on there too which my impending commute has forced me not to mention here. They’re all worth having a good long look at.

Failing that, find yourself some Calvin and Hobbes, put the kettle on and laugh your day away.