Well, the machine was out, so I thought I might as well make good on my pledge to create as many Christmas gifts as possible this year.

Whilst coming up with ideas of things to make for my blokey friends is proving very difficult, I have managed to find a pattern my mum would like, one for one of my Norwich girlies (who now lives nowhere near Norwich…) and some very pretty little bags to fill with sweets for my seemingly thousands of Danish nieces.

To be fair, there are actually only 4, and one is very new, so making these little pouches only took an evening.


The bags are about 30x30cm in size, and each one has a girl's name on it.

I hand-stitched all the lettering, but was too lazy to sew on individual beads. The first letter is actually made up of pre-strung shinies.


The pictures – with it being 6am and not very light – don’t show the colours too accurately. I might take some better ones in the daylight. That is, if I get home from work while it’s still sunny out…

Because these bags were so simple to make, I had time to do a long-waiting project that has been put on the back-burner for a while: I finished my sewing machine cover!

I added some pockets so I can store the instruction book and spare needles with the machine.


This fabric, like all the rest of the awesome stuff in my collection, came from http://www.superbuzzy.com

When I get in, I’ll do a tutorial for the bags on burdastyle and post a link from here, as I still have one more to make. Until then, I will try to persuade myself to stop dreaming about Tony Stark in the slightly unhealthy way that I do – I mean really now! My subconscious is getting ridiculous! – and head to work. Wish me luck!