I don’t knit often. Knitting patterns look like gibberish to me, and by the time I’ve figured out what they’re saying, it’s the height of summer and I can’t be bothered to sit around twitching short metal poles together anyway.

Still, I am a sucker for small clothes and this free pattern looked oh-so easy. S- has a brother and two friends who are either expecting or have just had a baby, so I thought this could be used as a Christmas present, or a ‘happy-you-survived-labour’ gift.

The little knitted coat and hat. See links above for the patterns.

The hat was so easy I could have made it in my sleep. The jacket, despite being simple garter stitch, made me want to hurt things. The actual pieces were really easy to make, however assembling it was a real horror. The pattern doesn’t tell you that you’ll need three needles for the shoulder seams, or how you can end up with the yarn on the other side of the row when you’ve just cast off 20 stitches. I had to ad-lib an awful lot, and though you can’t see it, there is a major error on the seam to the left hand cuff which was only resolved by a big darning needle and sheer bloody-mindedness.

Overall, I’m happy with the result, though for a gender-neutral coloured cardigan, I think it looks very feminine. I guess the ribbon could be exchanged for a tartan one, or one with tractors on it for a boy…

Either way, I’m glad it’s finished. I hope that whoever gets it thinks it’s pretty.