So I log out of hotmail – an old account I keep mostly for signing up to things I think will spam me – and am met with MSN’s usual list of random articles. Top of the list today: Supermarket to sell red sprouts.

“Awesome,” thinks I, “these might be like those heritage breed purple carrots,” and click the link. After reading the somewhat sparse article, I scroll down to look through the comments and stumble upon this little gem.

17 October 2010 00:00:40

It does not matter if a supermarket sells red brussels or not. I will not be a customer of theirs if they behave as Morrison’s in St Albans. Only one white member of staff today and she was Polish. Racist Bstards, don’t tell me that no English want to work in a supermarket, Asda, Tesco, Waitrose and Sainsbury have no problem. I am serious, take a look for yourselves. I am reporting Morrison’s.

Wouldn’t be surprised if they were importing illegal’s.

Let’s just look at this for a moment, shall we? I feel it might be ever so slightly off-topic.

Someone is wrong on the internet