Taking a digestive and adding a slice of white Stilton with mango tastes exactly like cheesecake!

Ahem. In other news… The interview yesterday went well enough, and I got a call from the post-wheel-change job. Whilst they were unable to get the funding to train me to a level they needed, they very much wanted me on the ward and so are keeping my application and will contact me directly if a job becomes available. It’s a success of sorts, though no x-ray induced super-powers for me yet.

I had an awesome cooking day when I got in too. I made muesli for S-, though rather disappointingly it didn’t go down all that well. Despite being raw it apparently has the consistency of porridge. Anyhow, I also made a dark-meat sauce for the Christmas hampers – bramble, plum and cinnamon – some real Mexican tortillas, a chicken and bean filling and finally some stracciatella ice cream. Today’s offering of chicken pie seems rather modest in comparison. No matter though, it should be tasty enough. I need to sort myself some pea and ham soup for lunch too, so maybe when I’ve finished that I’ll feel a bit less like a cheaty cook.

When Friday rolls around I’m going to be all about the lavender short-bread, humus and falafel – though obviously not at the same time! Can’t wait!