Umm…. no. Not easy. And definitely not one hour.

Early this morning I began sewing together the pre-cut pieces of New Look’s 6347th pattern. The envelope claimed that within one hour, I too could be wearing a slim, figure-skimming strappy dress.

Truth be told, I’m not really sure what went wrong. I don’t know whether the previous evening’s debauchery and numerous carnation chicken vol-au-vents caught up with me, or whether my sewing machine is actually the devil incarnate. Either way, after five hours of hard labour, I finally had a messy version of the dress on the pattern envelope.

This is the thing I am least proud of having sewn to date. However, it was always supposed to be a functional, comforting sort of dress, rather than one to go out in and in that respect it really serves its purpose. I have never worn a softer fabric and I am sure that had I made the correct size to begin with that the heavy knit would hang beautifully.

Slightly more successful have been my new attempts at schnapps. I actually bothered to read the book we have about the different kinds you can make – something I’ve been putting off because it’s in Danish – and have now got some lavender and elderberry stewing in the kitchen.

The rest of today will be claimed by a roast chicken and some windfall fruit which needs to become jam. I feel it’s a profitable way to spend a Sunday afternoon…