Don’t you just love latin plant names?

The curious little flower called the Potentilla Erecta – sniggering at this point is acceptable, if not mandatory – is an amazing thing. Also known as bloodroot, the yellow flowers ooze a deep, red juice when squeezed. When dissolved in alcohol for a month, they imbue an incredibly pretty crimson colour and make me a very happy lady.

Schnapps from Potentilla Erecta

Not (just) because I’m squiffy, I might add. The beautiful liquid in the picture is blood-root schnapps, made from these humble wild-flowers. It’s one of the many things I’ve been making from produce found around the hedgerows of my lovely field.

It was S-‘s father who put this particular concoction together, but rest assured that when nettle season comes again, I will have found yet another use for my favourite plant. And armed with the book Mum gave me about wild foods, I think the next few weeks stand to be rather plentiful and interesting. I’m already enjoying windfall apples from over the garden wall next door, walnuts from my very own walnut tree and some cherry plums from the village hedgerows. The brambles and elderberries are coming through now too, so I’m excited to pick those for jams, schnapps and crumbles.

Cherry plums, windfall apples and elderberries

Of course, reading this, everyone will now know what they’re getting for Christmas.

Speaking of gifts, I’ve been sewing baby clothes recently because S-‘s brother is waiting on his second child. I’ve made a little sun hat and a matching dress, though I’m told it’ll be far too big for a new-born. I’ve only seen two baby-babies in my life to date though, so that’s my excuse. Anyway, children grow.

If you’re interested in having a go, these are the patterns i used:

Hooray for the interwebs! Somewhere online, someone is bound to know how to do the thing that you want to do!