Apparently, it’s perfectly acceptable to drive my vehicle down a regular road, side by side with another so we can talk. It’s also perfectly acceptable to push said vehicle through a crossing when there’s a red light as long as I’m not in it. The best thing though, is that when there’s traffic, I can just mount the pavement, honk my horn and scatter pedestrians until I’m free of it all.

Oh wait, I can’t. I’m not a cyclist.

It’s not a case of sour grapes – I’m prepared to sit in my Micra in traffic because it’s a damn sight better than getting chatted up by the fen-folk on the bus.  I just hate how those self-righteous cycling gits seem to think that because their vehicles aren’t spewing out exhaust that they can ignore the highway code and do whatever the crap they like. If I ever find out I only have a day to live, not only am I going to honk my horn while the horses are crossing in Newmarket, but I’m also going to spend the day acting like a cyclist in my car. Let’s see how long it takes me to get arrested for driving in the dark without lights on…