I hadn’t posted any pictures from the garden recently, so thought I’d share a few which best sum up current activity at home.

First weaving

My first attempt at tartan weaving since primary school

So about three weeks ago, a whole lot of trouble kicked off between some of our neighbours, resulting in the clearance of the big barn at the top of the field. During this clear out, S- and his dad found four carrier bags full of fabric and tapestry yarn. I’m having enough trouble with my William Morris cross stitch at present, so tapestry is totally out of the question, but I knew I had to use all the beautiful wool that was salvaged for something. So I decided to give weaving a go. I’m going to build myself a slightly large frame next time, but I managed to produce this dinner-mat sized piece of chaotic tartan, which was promptly given a home by S-‘s mum.

My first lavender

The first crop of lavender, drying in the window


Walnuts growing on the tree behind the house

The alpine strawberry plant that just keeps cropping!

The herbs which S-'s dad planted in my veggie patch

The first ripe tomato

Potato flowers - I'd never seen them before so thought I'd share in case there were others in the same boat

Our lovely new washing line

Kitten's latest catch