I almost missed facebook yesterday afternoon. Not because my friends and I haven’t managed to keep in touch – I’m seeing some of them for two whole weekends in a row, as a matter of fact – but because I desperately wanted to write the following as my status:

Frankiesoup worked on a ward which required she wear scrubs last night. She had to collect a stool sample. She spent the evening whistling ‘Everything comes down to poo.’* Best. Shift. Ever.

There are a lot of ‘almost’ things in my life at present – I’ve almost sorted myself out financially since starting work again. I’ve almost saved up enough to have my car serviced (2 months late… can’t hurt that much :S). I’ve almost got enough chamomile and lavender to invent my own tea.

But as of yet, they’re just ‘almost’s. More hard graft to come, methinks.


* If you don’t know what it is, don’t just sit there staring at the screen like I’m a nut! Youtube!