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Today, I had a lunch made from things I grew in my garden. Well, except the eggs. And the bagel.

I made myself an omlette from my broad beans, some camomile stalks, some thyme and rosemary, as well as a mini bulb of garlic. Sadly, I didn’t make the bagel, and I don’t have chickens to give me the eggs, but even with these foreign elements, this lunch is still the most satisfying one I’ve ever had. Afterwards, I washed it all down with a cup of home-grown nettle tea.

I’ve also harvested batch 2 of the camomile flowers and rather than turn on the oven on this baking hot day, I decided to leave the heads in the window. 🙂



I’m starting to plan my next patchwork quilt.  In theory, it’s going to be a Christmas present for S-‘s mum, however if it turns out how I want it to, she might end up with another Bill Bryson book while I snuggle under my mountainy creation…

As a general rule, L- prefers dark blue colours, but I want to create something inspired by Aberdeenshire – my ultimate Christmas sort of place – so I thought of getting lots of grey fabric, quilting that over the fleece lining I have, then sewing various blue hills onto it. Probably something like this?

I’m hoping to find most of the fabric I need in various charity shops and on ebay etc. but I’m not holding my breath. Also, John Lewis currently have some absolutely gorgeous patterns which I think could pass for heather…

On another obsessively early Christmas note, does anyone have any old balls of wool they don’t want any more? I’m knitting a Tom Baker scarf for a friend and I need as many little bits of yarn in as many colours as possible. Ideally I’m looking for shades that I would classify as ‘brown 70s optimism’ but at this stage, I’m not really fussed.

That’s all for now, I suppose. I’m off to Norwich this evening for some BBQ fun with one of my many J-‘s and C-. For the rest of the day though, I’m going on an adventure with Clive Cussler and Dirk Pitt. We’ll be capering in the Mediterranean if anyone wants us.


…. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Russell Hoban’s Frances Badger books: SHAME ON YOU.

They concern a young girl badger, perhaps unsurprisingly called Frances, who writes silly poems about things she does. For example,

“I do not like the way you slide
I do not like your soft insides
I do not like you many ways
And I could go for many days
Without a soft-boiled egg.”

So, as an homage to my childhood hero, and in honour of how much I HATE doing laundry, I decided to write my own Frances Song.

“I do not like the way it clings,
how socks and pants and many things
stick together while I try
to separate and let things dry.”

Thank you.


I almost missed facebook yesterday afternoon. Not because my friends and I haven’t managed to keep in touch – I’m seeing some of them for two whole weekends in a row, as a matter of fact – but because I desperately wanted to write the following as my status:

Frankiesoup worked on a ward which required she wear scrubs last night. She had to collect a stool sample. She spent the evening whistling ‘Everything comes down to poo.’* Best. Shift. Ever.

There are a lot of ‘almost’ things in my life at present – I’ve almost sorted myself out financially since starting work again. I’ve almost saved up enough to have my car serviced (2 months late… can’t hurt that much :S). I’ve almost got enough chamomile and lavender to invent my own tea.

But as of yet, they’re just ‘almost’s. More hard graft to come, methinks.


* If you don’t know what it is, don’t just sit there staring at the screen like I’m a nut! Youtube!


As promised, here are a handful of some of the stunning cakes from M-‘s wedding.  If you happen to be looking for cakes then I highly recommend a visit to I realise I go on about this site all the time, but that’s because it’s the world’s most incredible source of all things deliciously cakey.

Vegetable Patch

Finally, after years of waiting, I have a vegetable patch!

I’m growing 2 varieties of tomatoes, some kale, some carrots and some savoy cabbage… or at least I’m trying to. I thought I’d been lucky with the rabbits – when we arrived back from M-‘s wedding on Sunday, all of my plants were intact and thriving but it seems that the small, furry horrors were just waiting for my return. Since coming home, I’ve lost all but three kale and my tomatoes. Action will be required, especially since my once-genius rabbit-catching cat seems to have given up on hunting and has taken to following me around like some kind of howling monster.

On the plus side, I did return to a big, juicy red strawberry and some chamomile flowers, ready to be dried and used in my first home-grown tea. I’ve also taken in a load of nettles so that I don’t have to go rummaging around the field every time I want a cup with some honey*.

So anyway, I thought I would share some pictures of my garden with you. I was going to show off some of the incredible cake shots from M-‘s wedding but I don’t think it’s fair that she shouldn’t be the first to see them. For now, you’ll have to content yourself with another selection from Garden Bungalow.

Summer flowers from the garden

Summer flowers from the garden

Beans in a pod

Beans in a pod

The rabbits' buffet

The rabbits' buffet

A nearly-ripe strawberry

A nearly-ripe strawberry

Alpine Strawberries - coming later in the year

Alpine Strawberries - coming later in the year

Chamomile stalks

Chamomile stalks


* If you suffer from hay fever, nettle tea and honey is the best way I’ve found to stop myself from sniffling. The nettle acts as a decongestant, whilst the honey – the more local the better – introduces your body to the pollens in the area and makes it less likely to have an allergic reaction.  I’m told that this is how homeopathic medicine works…

Over the bridge to Skye.

I was best man on Saturday. Here are some pictures from the beautiful wedding.

…none of me, you will note.