And so it’s done. My facebook account has been deleted.

I can’t say I’m sorry – not really. It feels a bit odd not clicking refresh every few seconds, but I’m sure that the feeling will pass. Or that I’ll transfer my obsessive refresh rate to Burda Style or Gmail.

I have decided to fill my new abundance of spare time with another monotonous hobby – cross stitch! The main difference being that cross stitch actually yields something real and physical at the end of an evening of twitchy fingers. I’m hoping to pick up a starter pack, or whatever those pattern packs with all the threads in are called, some time before Thursday. Anyone know if you’re allowed to take sewing needles onto a plane?

After that, I’m going to join the hoards of people sewing pixellated video-game pictures. Mario art, here I come!

I don’t really have much to talk about at present, though if anyone reading this knows me in a professional or academic context and wants to write me a reference for UCAS – stating how I’d be an awesome nurse – that would be pretty helpful. I had some really good references lined up, but apparently a UCAS reference has to come from a tutor/employer as those given by friends will disqualify you from the application. Sigh.