I’ve been complaining a lot recently so I thought I would turn the tables and make a list of things that make me glad instead of mad. 🙂

– Tea.
– My car.
– Food picked fresh from the garden.
– Food in general.
– Climbing into a freshly made bed after a shower.
– When two chocolate raisins are joined together and you can break them apart with your tongue on the roof of your mouth.
– Waking up at 5am to let the cat out, then cuddling back under the pre-warmed duvet.
– Unused fabric in a pile. Waiting.
– My sewing machines.
– Fire.
– Taking blood pressures.
– Steaming hot fruit crumble on a summer evening with lots of clotted cream.
– Getting post.

I would also like to take this opportunity to add that I’m going to delete my facebook account. Damn thing causes waaaay too much rage and eats my life.