1950s skirts, a late 50s wedding dress, 60s maternity clothes, baby clothes, a man’s night-shirt, dresses for a little girl, 70’s flares in teenage sizes, a 1980’s wedding dress, 90s soft toys.

As I’ve said before, I take part in a local freecycle group and recently put out an ad begging for an electric sewing machine. I got one – by the way – but due to time restraints, I haven’t yet been able to try it out. I was also given a crate of patterns, as described above.

I’m always pretty touched when people give me things I’ve been longing for, but this really humbled me. In my two carrier bags, told in pictures and pattern numbers, is the story of a woman’s life in the last half of the last century. These two simple containers hold the happiest day of her life, the birth of her little girl, the infant’s early years and subsequent teenage rebellion, and finally her daughter’s wedding.

I will let you know as and when I make the various patterns. It just so happens that their previous owner was exactly my size…