Here is a post to explain some of the lack of posts. I’m not dead – to the best of my knowledge – however I have been without a car for… 29 hours now, so all conscious thought seems to have ceased.

I do all of my best (read: only) thinking behind the wheel, so being without Charlie Micra has caused something of an epic brain fail. He’s fine, worried car fans, and can be found taking S- to and from work whilst husband’s Polo is getting a new cam-belt fitted. Still, his bitter absence – Charlie’s, not S-‘s – reminded me that I meant to update you all on how to input the security code into the K12 stereo.

Apparently the most searched for thing on my ‘blog, after Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers of course, is how to get the stereo working again following a disconnection of the battery. You do so as follows:

1. Find your code.
2. Attempt to enter it.
3. Fail, and be met with the ‘Wait 1 h’ sign.
4. Wait 1 h – ‘h’ does not stand for hour, I might add. It seems to represent an unknown unit of time invented by Nissan simply to piss me off.
5. When 1 h is finally over, touch nothing.
6. Find your code again.
7. Note that the code is composed of 4 digits and that the numbers on your stereo only go up to 5.

Your stereo front should look something like this:

1 — 4
2 — 5
3 — TA

with ‘— ‘representing the CD slot.

Button 1 corresponds to the first digit of your code, button 2 to the second digit and so on. Button 5 is the ‘enter’ button. If your code was 3582, for example, you would need to press button 1 three times, button 2 five times, button 3 eight times and button 4 twice. Then you would press 5.

Thus your stereo will spring to life in a thunderous cry of Living on a Prayer, which in turn will spook thousands of pounds worth of Newmarket race horses. Win.