this is not punctuated properly because i am in morrocco using an
arabic keyboard

the holiday so far is very good

we have ridden camels into the desert and annoyed a man in the souk
who thought we had bought one of his carpets – its a very long story

today we saw a memorial garden for yves saint thingy and then a very
kind lady explained who that was

i am tired of begging children now but am still enjoying the bevy of
pregnant cats and kittens who howl at one another in strange ways

i will be buying d-a fez hat – but not one of the monkeys that you
can rent to take for a walk

jenni and i were shortlisted for a novel competition but did not win

i finished timeline again and am now enjoying high fidelity

all of the buttons are in funny places and i have used up my hour so i will go