Another writing prompt piece today… though the characters have been ripped from my latest pet project. I hope I’ve got the chemistry between Green and Lazlo across in this short little bit and I hope you all like the group! I’ve grown rather fond of them all!

I’m off to the physiotherapist in a bit because I ruined my back picking up a teabag (yes, that’s right!), then I’m on my merry way to ride camels on Friday so posts will be sparse!

Shayne Lazlo cupped the coffee mug in both hands as Morn and Green approached, the former patting Lazlo’s shoulder on her way to the tea machine and the later sitting close enough that Shayne could feel the warmth of his leg next to hers.
“You get parked OK?” he asked. Lazlo nodded, taking another long gulp of the strong black liquid,
“Yeah – I parked up Castle Hill Road and walked down,” She paused, “Look, Green, before Morn comes back I just want to say-”
“- I know. I’m going to tell Claire later on, but until I have, I don’t think it’s fair on her that Morn knows first.”
“Morn saw us.”
“She did?”
“Yeah – as we were smuggling Dora into the van. I think it’s time to explain.”
Shayne sipped her drink and Green nodded. Both stared blankly at the formica table and sat in silence as Morn returned with two steaming cups of tea-coloured water from the vending machine.
There was an awkward pause in which Lazlo knew she should speak, but all she could think of was how painfully close her thigh was to Green’s. In the end, he began the conversation, glancing furtively over his shoulder at the various colleagues, littering the other tables.
“I love Dora,” he said straight off, “And I needed to get her away from Steve and Lee. That’s all. Laz just said she’d help me.”
Morn glanced at her friend with an expression that clearly said, You dumb fuck, but voiced none of her disapproval.
“I’m going to go home, break it off with Claire and that’ll be that. Laz has said she’ll move onto the boat and Dora and I can have her room in the house.”
Morn shook her head, “You’re all insane,” she muttered, and sipped her tea.
Lazlo laughed then, loud and bright, and all eyes in the canteen were on them.
“I think we’d best go,” Green sighed.