This post was written last night but due to the bevy of blonde jokes which took place in my living room, I never did get around to posting it.

You’re probably all sick of hearing it by now, but if you haven’t already taken the hint and gone along to see Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers then you should.

I wouldn’t normally plug a band so shamelessly – unless I knew them personally of course* – but they were SO good, I felt I should make an exception. They’re playing in London tonight and if S-‘s car and my overdraft limit weren’t in the way of my getting Charlie Micra on the road to the capital, I would SO be there.

Anyways, as I promised last time, here is a link to the fabulous RCPM Cake by Misti. Not only was the cake handmade, but the lemon curd filling was too. If, for whatever reason, you need a cake in Edinburgh, you should go and talk to her.

And while I’m plugging random things – you should all go and bid on my homemade bag. Thank you all, and goodnight.


*Incidentally, everyone should go and buy the new Februus EP because a. it rocks and b. they’re all fabulous people who deserve your support.