When I lived in Soham, I got bored one day and started making a bag. Then winter happened – twice in one year – and now said bag is finished. As none of my other sewing projects have managed to make it as far as ebay, and because I’m more than usually hard-up this week*, I thought I’d see how much the bag would fetch from a starting price of 99p.

Here are some pictures of my latest creation:

To see the ebay description, just click here.


*I unashamedly spent all of my money at the RCPM gig on Saturday. If I ever take this t-shirt and bracelet off, it’s because someone has wrestled me to the floor and robbed me into nakedness. I will speak more about how epic the gig was at a later date. If you can’t wait for me to link to pictures of another fabulous Cake By Misti, the band have a bunch more UK tour dates that I urge everyone to go to.