IMPORTANT: I would like it noted, at this point, that I have consumed half a bottle of red wine. This post may, as a result, be rambling and incoherent.

So, I joined freecycle, hoping to get my grubby mits on a sewing machine that could automatically make button holes. I hate doing them by hand – they inevitably end up looking like something from Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’ and take forever. I only like sewing on my incredibly pretty machine anyway, so switching to a needle and thread for the most mind-numbingly dull job on the planet was never going to go down well. But back on topic… freecycle…

So far I’ve been offered all manner of things, including a boy cat with the following qualities:

“He is a very independent sole and only once a fuss on his terms.”

So he finished being a fuss and is now a fish? Talented Tom.

The death of the English language aside though, I love the idea of freecycle. Being offered things you need and getting rid of those you don’t is a genius way of recycling. And it’s inspired me…

Here, for your reading pleasure, are my top 5 Cambridgeshire/National ‘green’ websites in Top of the Pops style decending numerical order.

5: – People post things they don’t want any more. You post things you’d like. People drive around and collect various items from one another and everyone gets what they need for free! Hooray for recycling!

4: – In my dream world, all of what I consume would be grown in my wonderful little island nation. Until I found this site, I always thought that tea would be the one thing we could never produce ourselves but happily, Cornwall proved me wrong.

3: –  This is a great site with lots of helpful tips on how you can save money without sacrificing your current lifestyle too much.

2/1: I couldn’t decide between: and

Christmas Hill sells what is easily the best meat I’ve ever tasted and costs no more that the supermarket equivalent. Considering it’s all free range and rare-breed, that’s saying something. Even the mince I had tasted like sirloin – absolutely delicious.

Read It Swap It is a great way of getting rid of books and getting new ones for free. Working in a similar way to Freecycle, you post the titles you don’t want anymore and a list of the books you’d like, then you request swaps from other users. I like to think of it as a really big library where you get your books by post – very good fun, and a great way of finding new titles you wouldn’t normally read.

Whilst most of these sites have become favourites due to my fiscal restraints, they’re all pretty eco-friendly and if you’re trying to save the planet, are a great place to start 🙂

Any suggestions for other good sites are more than welcome – I check my comments rather obsessively and will repost them as they come 🙂

Normal, non-environmental broadcast will resume when I’m slightly less pickled.