Once, in a second of sheer carelessness, I complained about my eyesight to a blind man.

It was not a proud moment and the shame of my impropriety has haunted me every since however, I did profit from the incident. I learned not to presume that I am worst off. There are people dealing with far greater problems than I can ever fathom and it does each and every one of them an injustice when I open my mouth to say something akin to, “I am hurting. Pity me.”

Whilst I do have sympathy for those who are in pain, I have come to respect those who seem to bear no ill-health or ill humour. Everyone is sick from time to time. Everyone is sad. Those who say nothing, who carry on so that we presume they are fine, are the ones who deserve our feeling.

Man flu is increasingly one of my pet hates.