My cat had a fit about an hour ago.

Saffron just started running around in circles – which normally I think is hilarious – then fell over and began convulsing. Which is not funny. She got up after a second, unable to use her back left leg and with her left eyelid drooping a little.

I spoke to the vet who said not to move her tonight and bring her in tomorrow so I’m just watching and waiting, trying to keep the little madam calm. She doesn’t want to be quiet though – she wants to play and bite my fingers and eat huge quantities of food. Which is wierd because she usually doesn’t do those things. Her eye is still a little closed, but the more she tries to eat my slippers, the better her back leg starts to work.

Since her behavior has suddenly become what I think of as normal from a young cat, I reckon the fit was just her teeny kitten brain resetting but we’ll see at the vets.