Saffron Kitty

So this is Saffron, the baby of my two cats. She was named after Yo-Saf-Bridge from Firefly because she’s a crazy little cuddle-slut. She’s almost a year old now but I’d say that even counting the tail, she’s only just as long as my forearm.

Artemis Kitty

This is Artemis, Saffron’s mother. She’s a very elegant lady but is incredibly shy, hence her being tucked away in the basket. The picture is blurry because we didn’t want to frighten her with the flash. So far, S- is the only person interesting enough to draw her close, but she still won’t let him touch her. We called her Artemis because the Danish for ‘Kitty’ is ‘Missekat’, and the two words sound sort of similar…  And also because Artemis is the goddess of hunting. We’re hoping both of the girlies will get a squirel or two when we do let them go outside.

We got the pair from the Cats Protection League who, for some bizarre reason, have trouble homing black cats… Artemis is barely six months older than her daughter, and neither animal has ever been a pet. It’s funny to see the difference in personality between them though – one being super-affectionate and the other being shy and reserved.

Very interesting.

Will keep you informed.