I love the idea of The Story Library. It is a place where anecdotes that would otherwise be forgotton, become something more ‘deserving’ of preservation. Saving all of these fragmented memories for perpetuity is one of the best ideas I’ve heard in a long time – suddenly all the little moments which make up a life and which are not recorded by beaurocracy are set down for future generations.

I think they’ll be far more telling than any history book written about our time could ever be.

I’ve been reading Jane Austen this holiday, and although I only began Pride and Prejudice with a view to buying the version with added Zombies, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. In this story, as with Northanger Abbey and The Canterbury Tales, it’s easy to see just how little people have changed. 17-year-old boys in Miss Austen’s time tried to impress pretty girls by having the fastest carriage, families still embarrassed one another horribly when out in public and even as far back as Chaucer, wives and husbands were cuckolding one another in ways which would make an Eastenders  script-writer blush. In all my reading though, I don’t think I’ve come across anything which records our generation as it really is. Perhaps this site can do that…