I blame the following on M-‘s Dad. Entirely.

I’ve loved the Refreshments since tentatively, around fifteen years ago, I began to really get into music. I’ve always liked warbling along, offkey, to the various cheese my Mum played in the car. Disturbingly, I can still sing Curtis Stigers as if we wore the cassette out yesterday. But then one day, M-‘s dad went on a business trip across the pond and returned with mana from heaven. Fizzy Fuzzy Big and Buzzy.

This hopeful, happy, slightly psychotic album took me right through my teenage years and single-handedly balanced out all of the angsty tripe that I listened to by offering something fresh and energetic. As the internet slowly began to leech away my life, I learned of Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, composed of the Refreshments’ drummer and lead singer, and a plethora of various other musicians.  I defy anyone to listen to RCPM and remain in a bad mood. Try it. I dare you.

M- and I had always planned to go and see the group in Mexico, or on a tour of the states, but imagine our joy when the band announced they were playing Edinburgh, not far from where M- lives.

So, in thanks for brightening up my life considerably, this is my little plug – a list of simple instructions:

Download the free tracks.
Be happy.
And come.

I’ll tequila you all under the table!