Whilst looking through files on my computer, I came across this – the original start to my detective story/romantic tragedy.

Thought you might like to read it. Any comments are always welcome.


Norborough, a medium-sized settlement of medieval origin, is a city of many pubs and is reputed to have one for every day of the year. However, this said, there are only two of particular note; The Mekong and Herne’s Tavern. The story you are about to read takes place in neither.

Our setting is rather less illustrious and at present times takes the name of The Fresh Horse. It is a small establishment but nevertheless it has been established for an awfully long time. Its current owner goes by the name of Roger and unlike his many predecessors he does not live above the bar. Instead, he chooses to reside just outside of the city in a small village called Netby St. Andrew on the river Dans.