Labyrinthitis, alas, has nothing to do with David Bowie and the muppets. I feel rather hard done by as a result.

You know that feeling you get when you’ve had far too much Sangria, and you and N- can’t find the jug of coctail you just made because you’re holding it in your hand and the room is spinning too much for you to focus? Well, I feel like that whenever I move my head, which is irritating because none of the fun stuff – like playing through Guitar Hero 3 and discovering that you could probably break into that warehouse full of old cars if you weren’t nearly unconscious on the computer chair – has happened. And the worst part? Worse than feeling sea-sick and being denied the Muppets? I’ve been told to avoid driving.

It’s like losing a limb. My car, my baby, my Charlie Micra… I mean, obviously I don’t want to crash, for the car’s sake if nothing else, but being confined to Soham until the world begins to look a little more like its usual, non-blibbly self is not a prospect I particularly relish. Nothing to do now but play Fable 2 and hope my hero’s debauchery will make me feel better. Either that or work… but you know how these things go.

Oh! While I’m rambling, I highly recommend that everyone go take a look at This incredible cakestress – it’s a word, who says it isn’t!? – did my wedding cakes and so impressed the chef and owner of the restaurant we’d hired that he came out to tell her how good they were.  She does all kinds of incredible goodies, including lemon merangue cupcakes, black forest cupcakes and the most incredible chocolate Guiness cake you’ll ever get your mits on.