Yesterday, I got somewhat irate at an idiot online.

Below is his blog post entitled “Selfish religious idiots!”.

I was wondering? All of you who are so deranged that you actually believe in a personal god.

Have you ever paused to think about this? If there was such a being, one powerful enough to create the entire universe, time itself…

Why would he give a fuck what you think or do? how egosentric and self absorbed do you have to be to think that such a creature would prioritize you! Next to say…. a super nova that will seed the cosmos with matter for new solar systems?.

And why the fuck, would he favor your interpretation of distorted iron age literature?

Frankly i find the entire concept hypocritical, firstly living under constant omnipotent supervision would be horrible. It would be worse than living in Burma or north Korea.

In fact the ultimate hypocrisy is how Christians often use this as an argument, “but how will people be nice and good without god?” Listen pal! if your only reason for being good is that you believe sky daddy is constantly looking over your shoulder, you are not a nice person at all! You are just behaving because you believe you are being watched.

And they wonder why i despise religion?*

This really hurt me – not for any particularly personal reason, but because someone could be so ignorant and hate filled. In other posts, the guy even discussed a “visit the ‘insane religious’ nations tour” that he and his wife had embarked upon.

Desperate to share this injustice with the world, and with blood still boiling, I tossed a link to the guy’s blog up on my facebook page and proceeded to write the following in response to his moronic babble.

You’re entitled to your opinion – as is everyone – but surely you see the hypocrisy in what you’re saying? Your theory that everyone who believes in a god is self obsessed and egocentric is somewhat undermined by your presumption that anyone wants to listen to this tired, angry rant anyway.

What harm can it possibly do if people – evangelists and extremists aside – believe in a higher power? It hurts no one and often offers comfort and help through difficult times. These religious organisations are about more than just spiritual welfare – they’re concerned with making the community a better place, letting neighbours meet one another and creating an invaluable social network.

Most people who identify with a religion – be it Christianity, Islam or Buddhism – do so because they feel a connection with those particular teachings, not because they want to be made to feel guilty, as you seem to imply. If you actually took the time to research what you’re talking about you’d learn that all religion’s are rooted in the idea of being kind to others because it makes the world a nicer place to live in, not because there is a fear of some intangible father-figure, ready to spank. Christianity preaches forgiveness anyway – God being prepared to forget all former misdeeds as long as the sinner regrets doing them. I’m not sure about other faiths, truth be told, so I don’t want to comment and come across as ignorant as you do.

Also, I don’t think you’re quite qualified to talk about which people are and aren’t nice, following your “visit the ‘insane religious’ nations tour.” Just that comment alone, nevermind the trip itself, is amongst the most hate-filled, ignorant and frankly disgusting things I’ve ever read.

You must have an incredibly high opinion of yourself to believe that it’s up to you to judge whether or not a culture is right or wrong.

It isn’t the religious people in the world who fill it with war – it’s people like you who hide behind tags of Christian, Muslim and Atheist etc. in an attempt to hide what frightened, cowardly fools they are.

I pity you – it must be terrible being so afraid of what is different that you have to lash out and call it wrong.

I feel somewhat ashamed of myself though – I shouldn’t have let this sad man’s hateful opinions make me so incredibly angry.  I rose to his bait and tried to force my views onto my friends by passing out the blog link. This guy isn’t worth the effort of being angry and certainly isn’t worth the energy it takes to read his tired drivel.

But that’s the danger of facebook, I suppose. You’re continually broadcasting information about yourself to people who are interested enough to add you as a friend. After a while, the presumption is that you can post anything and people will want to hear about what you have to say. Sites like facebook seem to have created a miniature celebrity culture in which we presume the world is interested in our deeds and opinions – the attention we receive when people comment is almost a way of validating our actions. Perhaps school has institutionalised us – perhaps in order to feel pride in ourselves we need to hear another person praise what we have done and these social networking sites are the way in which our peers can grade us.  I’ve seen people post incredibly personal news about themselves (sexual habits, notices of bereavement etc.) as their status – things that only a decade ago, we would never have thought to share because of their private nature. Are we so desperate to please, to be interesting, to be congratulated, that we need to let the world know these intimate details of our lives?

In future, I’ll try to curb my rage long enough to stop myself from spamming your feeds with links to idiotic passages like the one above.


* Post written by ‘Escaped Mental Patient’ on 22.05.07