Lisa Lisa, sad Lisa Lisa – Cat Stevens, 1971

She hangs her head and, cries on my shirt
She must be hurt very badly
Tell me what’s making you sadly?
Open your door, don’t hide in the dark
You’re lost in the dark, you can trust me.
‘Cause you know that’s how it must be

Lisa Lisa, sad Lisa Lisa

Her eyes like windows, tricklin’ rain
Upon her pain getting deeper
Though my love wants to relieve her
She walks alone from wall to wall
Lost in a hall, she can’t hear me!
Though I know she likes to be near me

Lisa Lisa, sad Lisa Lisa

She sits in a corner, by the door
There must be more I can tell her
If she really wants me to help her
I’ll do what I can to show her the way
And maybe one day I will free her
Though I know no one can see her

Lisa Lisa, sad Lisa Lisa

I wish I could convey in words how beautiful the violin in this song is. In fact, I haven’t actually felt this strongly about a piece of music since my angst ridden adolescence when, I am ashamed to admit, I kept a book of any ‘meaningful’ song lyrics I happened to find. I scrawled them all down in a huge A4 journal and sobbed into the pages when my perfect, pampered life become oh-too-much. I was hard done by – my brother and I never had satellite or cable while we were growing up.*

In any case, MTV or not, I know a good song when I hear it and I’ve had this track on repeat for the last few hours, happily dreaming. It’s as though there’s a story in it that I’m not quite getting and as a result, the whole thing feels like the final pages of a detective novel, when all the pieces of the plot have been revealed but no one has yet put it all together.

When I finish ‘Let It Be’ and sometime after November – when I can start distributing my Bridport prize entry – I plan to put an anthology of short stories together and consider self-publication, if only to test the waters a little. I’d love to be able to write something around this so I could name the collection after it. Music is such a central part to everything I write and if I manage to pull a plot from the lyrics above, this will be the third short story I’ve taken from a song.

As ever, we shall see.

*I would like to point out, in case someone doesn’t get it, that I am being horribly sarcastic. My childhood and subsequent teenage years couldn’t have been better. My ever incredible parents – especially my poor, long-suffering mother – made my youth as painless as it possibly could have been and supported me through twat-ish boyfriends, the relocation of my soul mate and the heartache that comes with multiple failed driving tests.