Yet again, my love-hate relationship with facebook has taken an ugly turn. It was bad enough when personalised ads started popping up on my profile. Examples of pre-wedding ads include: ’20 sure ways to make him propose’ and ’22 and still single?’ though post-wedding, these changed to: ’20 ways to get pregnant’ and ‘Dating sites for married women’ – I kid you not. Besides there being only one way to get pregnant – that I know of, in any case – I thought these ads were a huge invasion of privacy…

But I’m getting off topic again. My real issue tonight comes with the ‘We’ll Miss you, Michael Jackson’ social group.

No, you will not miss him. You will miss his music. Only people who knew him personally will miss him. The likelyhood is that the people joining this group didn’t – unless some friends of mine are hiding some pretty big secrets – and so I wish they’d just stop trying to milk collective public sympathy.

Yes, it’s all very sad that he died young, but people die all the time in a similar manner – often leaving behind young kids who’ll never know Mummy/Daddy – and they never even make the local paper as anything more than an obituary. Why are we devoting so much time and media attention to one man who made a few songs when there are wars going on that kill hundreds?

And until the singer’s death, he was hardly a beloved celebrity – accused of more child abuse cases than I can remember, this guy was often used as a cultural reference as someone young people should be afraid of (i.e. Bart Simpson: Oh, that’s just something they made up to scare kids, like the Boogey Man or Michael Jackson).

I can’t stand the hypocricy surrounding death – the same people who were slating the singer not two months ago are now talking about what a tragic loss it all is.

Yes, it is sad, but move the hell on.