A lot of exciting things happened today – or rather, two – but it was too hot for me to properly take note of them.

Firstly, and certainly most unexpectedly, a literary agency got in touch and requested my full manuscript. About a month ago, on finishing the book with J-, I’d diligently sent out my reams of synopsis’ – what is the correct plural of that anyway? – and had happily forgotten about the whole thing. Until an invitation to send the full book arrived in my in-box. Following which, I had a mad moment of panic.

In the past, I’ve worked for what most people would probably call a vanity publisher – which, I stress, will remain nameless. The setup was somewhat more complex than the usual system, though, and we did represent a quite a few writers who were actually incredibly talented… In any case, my experience there seems to have left me somewhat jaded and despite the initial flush of excitement, I found myself questioning the whole legitimacy of the agency.

I’d had a manuscript request before, and worried about the same things then, but disregarded all worries when the agency rejected me on receipt of the first five pages. Real companies, you see, never accept new work. Well, I mean, of course they do – they have to – but I suppose my subconscious reasons that one of said real companies will never accept my new work, specifically. The whole idea of someone loving it as much as J- and I do is beyond what my mind can handle.

And then full paranoia took hold – what if they love the idea, but hate our style? What if they take the synopsis, hand it to a ghost writer, and Marlo turns into some prissy little romantic princess who is completely in love with Pax Hadrian?

Of course, a cup of tea swiftly followed, as did a yoga session and now that I’m writing down all of these ridiculous fears, I feel a sense of calm. Whoever reads it will either like it, or they won’t and will act accordingly. If they ask for money, I will politely decline and go on ignoring the fact that at least twenty agencies have a synopsis of my book.

The second exciting thing to happen, which I may well yet get excited over, is the purchase of a Digital SLR camera. It’s a Nikon D90 and has made all my photography dreams come true. Don’t get me wrong, my Olympus was pretty awesome, but its time has been and gone.